Scrum Master Certified

As a Scrum master I worked directly with the team and the stakeholder being responsible for promoting a successful project, providing guidance to the team and product owner, ensuring all agile practices were followed by team members. I oversaw planning Bi-weekly Sprints, Daily Stand-Ups and all aspects of managing a team of six developers following an agile development process while communicating directly to the business owner and meeting the company’s goals. I facilitated communication and collaboration between all these elements.

QA Manual Testing (User Experience)

As a Quality Assurance assistant, I was responsible to assist the team with the maintenance of a desired high level of quality in the stakeholder’s application, by providing attention to every stage of the full cycle process from design to production and deployment. Worked closely with developers testing the entire development process within the User Experience side to deliver working software to prevent future mistakes. At Narava I worked with a global team working in different time zones to ensure time lines were kept, technical requirements were met, and risks were controlled for the needs of transitioning the company, in its entirety, from old software practices to the latest and most updated programs available including AWS Cloud merge. I utilized multiple tools such as Browser Stack and Postman to achieve an effective and fully functioning application.

Advanced Programming Training

- Completed over 500 hours of intensive, project-based training in programming languages and other technical skills, such as SQL, C#, .NET Core, Git, ASP.NET MVC, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

- These skills were developed by building multiple C# and SQL projects in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code

- C# and SQL Projects were tracked in Git and GitHub for source control

- Managed SQL databases using the CRUD operations in MySQL

- Team communication methods using Slack and Discord platforms

Faulkner University

Bachelor of Science - BS, Business Administartion and Management

Currently enrolled and pursuing my last year for my Bachelor's degree.(expected 2021)

Projects (more projects in my GitHub)

- CSV Parsing and Geolocation TDD Project: C# Application made in Visual Studio using C#, .NET Core, and xUnit testing Uses a CSV document which lists the city and coordinates of different restaurants The application splits each line of the document into an array ([location name, latitude, longitude]) Test-driven development ensures that invalid and missing data is handled correctly If the data is out of bounds or cannot be parsed, then the parse method returns null. Otherwise, the latitude and longitude are parsed The distance between each pair of coordinates is calculated

My Motivation

I want to express my gratitude for this new path my life and career are taking. I recently completed over 500 hours of Advanced Computer Programming training in which I learned valuable information that paired with my experience would make me a great asset in any company who welcomes me. I bring two years and 10 months of solid Scrum experience as well as QA during my time at Narava Software. This experience has provided invaluable insight in the effective results within the Scrum framework and the organizational success of the company. I am ready to take my new skills, knowledge and experience in a new direction. I have defined my abilities in quick problem solving, leadership, Teamwork, attention to detail and organization to prepare myself to collaborate with a great Team. I would love an opportunity, either as a Scrum Master, as part of the QA Team or as an Entry Level Software Developer, I want to be able to display my work-ethics and my enthusiasm to be a high-performer.


(256) 227-3272


Hartselle, AL

United States of America